Feel Like a Star With a Lighted Makeup Mirror

Bringing Glamour Home

When I work with lighting design, part of what I do is try to make the lighting work with your home decorating, the things you do at home and the things that fill your house. I’ve touched on many styles here, including bringing a bit of Hollywood glamour into your house, as I wrote about in my post on Gatsby’s Light Fixtures.

Many of my customers are really stylish people who enjoy movies, magazines and keeping a watchful eye on the red carpet. So, mostly I help clients to make their homes more beautiful, but what about those of you who want a bit of that glamour for themselves? It’s difficult to leave the house looking like a movie star when you’ve applied your make-up in a hurry, with the sun in your eyes or with an overhead light casting shadows on your face, so how about giving yourself a helping hand with a perfectly lit make-up mirror?

A Star At Home

Eglo Bari Vanity Light

For a make-up mirror fit for a star, the first thing you need is a good mirror firmly attached to the wall. Then, fix at least one vanity light at the top or sides; we have a great range of vanity lights; you can find them in our Bathroom Lights section. You can use these lights in any room, of course, but they are all suitable for use in the steamy bathroom. The Jean Vanity Lights (think Harlow!) have a frosted diffuser with silver ends to complement any decor. For a really glamorous look that would suit even Gatsby’s deluxe pad, I picked out the Eglo Bari Chome and Frosted Glass Vanity Light. You can mount this light above the mirror, and it’s not just an excellent light source, it’s also a stunning feature.

Young And Beautiful

If you have a teenage or young adult daughter living at home, you’ll be only too well aware of the challenges for girls growing up in a celebrity-centred culture. Girls want to look their best, and it can be frustrating if they share a bathroom with their siblings or parents. If your daughter insists she needs an hour in the bathroom to get ready to go out, then a really great solution is to give her a specially lit mirror in her bedroom.

Even if you can’t fit a basin underneath it, a mirror on her bedroom wall with a simple shelf unit or cabinet will give her a private and luxurious space to try out a different look each day. To give your young lady the feeling that she has her own dressing room to prepare for her public, try a vintage mirror with an Eglo Zola Slim Opal Glass Vanity light on each side. You can say goodbye to queues and tantrums outside the bathroom door, while bringing the very brightest smile to her beautiful face.