Ceiling Fans - Are You Ready For Summer

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Ceiling fans are a fine option for providing a space with cool breeze, especially during the warmer months. However, cooling is not a fan’s only use; a well-designed ceiling fan can not only serve as an embellishment to any room but a fan in the kitchen can help to steer away hot air, making cooking and baking a breeze. If it’s time to replace your ceiling fan or purchase a new one, there’s a lot to consider. What size ceiling fan should you buy? Should you choose a DC fan? What is the best way to use your fan in the warmer months? Should you buy ceiling fans with lights? What is the benefit of a reversing switch? Today’s ceiling fans are more stylish than ever, with more choices than in the past. So, in order to avoid making the task of searching for a ceiling fan too overwhelming, Lighting Illusions has compiled the following helpful tips:

Save energy by choosing ceiling fans with LED lights. Having an LED light with your fan helps you to save on electricity costs and a DC ceiling fan can use as little as 3.8W of power. Lighting Illusions has a range of colourful and well-designed ceiling fans with LED lights to choose from.

Increase room comfort and save on energy bills by running your ceiling fan and air conditioning system at the same time. We all know keeping cool with air conditioning is essential here in Queensland during the warmer months, but then the running costs of a ceiling fan just can’t be beat. By using both, the ceiling fan will help to circulate the cool air coming from the air conditioning system, which in turn means you can set the temperature a bit higher. The higher the air conditioner's temperature, the lower the energy usage.

Cover all seasons by looking for a ceiling fan with a reversing switch for both summer and winter operations. During summer, the switch can be moved so that fan blades rotate counter-clockwise, helping to circulate a breeze inside your living room or office. In winter, change the switch so that the blades spin clockwise, pushing warm air back into your room. Lighting Illusions has a range of colourful and well-designed ceiling fans with LED lights to choose from, sure to add charm to any room.