DIY Lighting

Illuminate and accentuate your homes with stylish and elegant DIY lighting fixtures from Lighting Illusions. Our high quality energy efficient lighting systems provide you superb brightness and mood that can highlight certain objects in a room and can also liven up your space.

Lighting Illusions has a complete line of DIY lights that can compliment any room in your house. Choose from exquisitely designed DIY batten fixtures, pendant lights, oyster lights, spot lights and exterior lights.

DIY Batten Fix Lighting

If you prefer a simple yet highly efficient lighting fixture for your home, Batten fix lighting is an ideal choice for your home. Batten fix lights come in different designs and models that can stylishly brighten your hallways as well as any rooms in your house. Aside from excellent designs and sufficient lighting ability, batten fix lights can save you from costly installation fees. With good knowledge and proper instructions, you can easily install your own batten fix lights in your home.

View our range of DIY batten fixtures.

DIY Pendant Lighting

Accentuate your living space with an elegant Pendant Lights. Most certainly one of the most timeless and classic lighting fixtures available in the market, pendant lights not only provide outstanding illuminating ability but also gives your room more character. Task lighting has never been more stylish with pendant lighting that would suit your living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom.

View our range of DIY pendant lights.

DIY Oyster Lighting

For more economical yet elegant lighting sources that give a warm and welcoming glow, oyster light is an ideal option for your home. Oyster lights are surface mounted lights that offer general lighting for rooms that require a more ambient atmosphere such as bedrooms and dining rooms.

View our range of DIY oyster lights.

DIY Spot Lighting

As one of the most popular lighting option for homes and businesses, spot lights are very functional when it comes to task and accent lighting. You can easily read books or magazines with the aid of a spot light. Spot lights can also highlight certain objects or areas in your room such as your favourite paintings and family portraits.

View our range of DIY spot lights.

DIY Exterior Lighting

Add some ambient brightness on your patios and porches with modern exterior lights.  Superior brands of deck and inground lights as well as coach lanterns can provide a warm glow and welcoming atmosphere to your home. Moreover, there are several exterior lights that are purposely built to protect your homes from trespassers and burglar. State of the art sensor/ security lighting products from Lighting Illusions provides your homes a first line of defense against intruders through high-tech stand alone sensors, sensors with lights as well as flood lights.

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