8 Tips for Landscape Exterior Lighting

Bring brightness and welcoming ambience to your homes with superb exterior lighting products from Lighting Illusions. Exterior lights such as deck and inground lights, wall and pillar lights as well as sensor lights can illuminate paths and walkways, driveways or other areas to provide safety for yourself, your family, and guests, and prevent intruders by keeping your home exterior well-lit. You can also make use of lighting effects to highlight your favourite plants or trees or can even set a mood.

To create a more effective use of exterior lighting, we at Lighting Illusions have provided a number of basic guidelines on outdoor lighting ideal to your home:

Conceal the light bulbs

Use lights to accentuate your home, garden, and plants and make sure to hide the light source. The light fixture, especially the bulb, should be concealed so that onlookers will only focus on the illuminated parts of your yard. However, if you plan on using lighting fixtures that are decorative, make sure that it should be visible. View our range of deck & inground lights.

Hire a professional

Seek professional help from exterior lighting specialists that know better the new trends, products, and innovation. An exterior lighting consultant may be able to save you money as well as time, while providing you with a vastly improved exterior lighting plan for your home.

Electrical Systems

You should check the electrical system of your home and be sure it will be sufficient to handle the additional power draw. Try to upgrade it if needed.

Light up the path

Keep your family and visitors safe while walking through the doorway by illuminating the path with exterior inground lights. Aim the light towards the ground and not upwards.

Do not exaggerate

Make sure that your house would not look overly decorated with bright lights. Try a much softer glow for your outdoors but with exceptions of pathways and driveways which needs to be well-lit.

Energy efficient lighting

Nowadays, it is more advisable to installing low-voltage exterior lights which can create the perfect ambience for your yard and garden while greatly conserving a lot of energy.

Setting up timers

Try using timers for your exterior lighting. With timers, your exterior lights can automatically turn on and off in specific pre-set time and can make it appear that you're home even when you're not, and make it easy for you to enjoy your yard without having to manually turn on the lights.