LED Lighting for a Greener Option

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using LED lighting system for their homes and offices. With its new innovations, LED lights provide you with a myriads of benefits and functions that can accommodate your need for a better lighting solution. We at Lighting Illusions have provided a number of general information about LED lights that may help you decide on what lighting system is well suited for your home and office.

LED lighting is one of the most energy efficient lighting options ideal for your home and workplace. You can get lots of savings on your electricity bill by using LED lights - dramatically reducing your power consumption by up to 80%! Compared to standard incandescent bulbs, LED lights use energy that mostly converted as light, while incandescent bulbs use energy that generates more heat than light. LED lights are very eco-friendly and good for the environment.

Unlike incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lights, LEDs are directional which is perfect for task lighting and can specifically illuminate areas that require more lightiing. LED lights can also be used for both interiors and exteriors of you home. Dimmable and cool to the touch, LED lights are the best lighting choice for clothing and storage areas. LED lighting products that are commonly used indoors are under bench lights and childrens lights as well as LED table, desk and floor lamps that are very ideal for accent and task lighting.

You can also brighten and accentuate your home exteriors with LED lights. With its low energy consumption, modern exterior lighting trends have now become more inexpensive and sophisticated with the use of external LED light fixtures. Deck and inground lights provides ambient glow and welcoming atmosphere around the paths, entry ways, driveways, patios, gardens, decks and landscaped areas. Moreover, LED lights are also used for sensor/security lighting and are usually integrated on a number of security devices such as infrared security system and security cameras.

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