Three Ways To Do Driveway Lighting

There are so many ways to enhance your home with appropriate lighting, but one top tip from property experts is always to install driveway lights if you can. Firstly, these lights deter burglars and intruders, which gives you a great feeling of security when you’re relaxing or sleeping at home. Secondly, they will increase the safety of all residents by making it easier to park correctly and also making sure the driver can see young children or pets who may be playing outside. You can’t put a price on that kind of protection, so I think it makes driveway lighting essential for any house. And thirdly, choosing the right exterior lighting is one of the best ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your property. If you want your house to look a cut above the others on the street, consider how it looks after dark as well as in the daytime.


Guiding Lights

Essentially, there are three main ways to light your driveway, and when you’re shopping for lighting online, you have them within easy reach. One of the most popular styles is to have your driveway lined on either side with in-ground uplighters, which are firmly fixed in the ground. Their light is subtle but very effective, since there is no risk of glare for drivers. Take a look at the Cool White Stainless Steel Uplighter for an example of the fantastic range we have in our lighting warehouse. Using LED lighting like this is super-practical for your driveway, since the globes rarely need to be changed and your power bills will stay as low-key as your lights.

Post Perfect

If you choose post lighting for your driveway, you’ll find that one major advantage it brings to your home is that the light is cast much wider, giving you extra protection from trespassers. These lights are normally mounted on posts around a metre tall, and you’ll find styles that suit both traditional and modern homes. Check out the stylish Eglo Aloria Black Post Light for a coach light design that can work with almost any architectural style. With matching wall lights available, this is a great option for lighting your home’s exterior.


The Path Home

For the ultimate in driveway lighting, think about what is sometimes called path lighting. Typically, this would start with two tall lights on either side of the driveway’s entrance, with additional lights at regular intervals along the driveway. My favourite light for this style is the 3 Light Eglo Post Light. These striking lights stand at nearly two metres tall and are perfect for larger properties with long entranceways.


Lighting your driveway is one of the most practical and stylish ways you can improve your home, and at Lighting Illusions, we have it all under one roof.