Perfect Lighting For Your Kids’ Homework

Learning Together

Desk Lamps and Study Desk

When your children first start school, they get a little homework to do with Mum or Dad in the evenings, perhaps some reading to do together, then some writing and drawing. At this age and for a few years to come, many people find the best place to do homework is at the dining table. There’s plenty of space and a nice flat surface for written work and art. We have a great range of lights for the dining area, as I wrote about in a recent post, and I think they would all give a bright enough light for both parent and child to work by.

Going It Alone

Of course, as your child progresses through school, there comes a time when their homework becomes more complex, as they specialise in their chosen subjects. Then it’s time for them to take their books to their bedrooms, where they have a desk or table adapted to their individual needs. A lot of teenagers will have their own computers in their rooms, which are vital for modern students.

Full Marks

When your kids are very young, it’s usually easy enough to guide them through their homework, but when they reach this more independent stage, you want to do everything you possibly can to motivate them in their studies. Even naturally academic kids get bored sometimes with reading and assignments, and anything you can do to encourage them is a huge investment in their future. So it makes sense to create the perfect environment for your young student.

Although you might have a good idea about what suits the style of your home, one of the best ways to get your youngsters enthusiastic is to get them to help set up the study space. As a lighting designer, naturally, the first thing I think of is the most appropriate lighting, and that’s a really easy way to let them have some input. Show them our great selection of desk lamps at Lighting Illusions and see which one they like best.

If I were choosing a desk lamp for a kid’s room, my first thought would be the Sara Energy Saving Metal Clamp Light. It comes in nine different shades to match most colour schemes, and if space is an issue, the clamp fixture means it can attach to a shelf or bedpost. The Momo Low Voltage Halogen Desk Lamp is a really funky choice which also comes in a range of modern colours, specifically chosen to blend with today’s vibrant decor. For teenagers who want a sophisticated urban look in their bedrooms, try showing them the Apex 5W LED Adjustable Desk Lamp; available in black, red or silver, it lends itself perfectly to the serious studying needed as young people reach their final years at school.

In the end, the most important thing is to make sure that your children have comfortable places to work where they can be productive, and good lighting is an important part of that.