Exterior Lighting

Your Beginners Guide to a Simple Queenslander Home Reno

It’s no wonder the humble Queenslander has found its way into many renovators' hearts with wide and spacious verandahs, sky-high ceilings and heritage details. But, when it comes down to how to renovate your Queenslander we all know that time and price have a huge part to play. So what are the best price and time-friendly ways to renovate your Queenslander? Whether you’re looking to increase your market price or give your forever home a facelift, these tips to renovating your Queenslander are sure to help guide you!

IP Rating and You!

When you’re looking at exterior or bathroom products, you’re bound to come across the term IP and IP Rating but what does this mean for you? IP or Ingress Protection is the key to knowing where the product is warranted to be installed.

How Many Lights Do I Need Per Room?

The age old question, how many lights do I need per room. Click here for some insider advice on how much light you should have in your space.

7 lighting mistakes you don’t want to make

Renovating, redecorating or indeed building – all exciting projects. But there’s lots to go wrong, so take these tips from us when it comes to lighting your dream home.

Light up your summer day or night

When you think about lighting to enhance your home you probably think of the interior only. But that can be just half the story – if first impressions count then exterior lighting can give your home the wow factor by the bucket load.

LED Exterior Floodlights: A great option for saving money

A lot of people put floodlights up on the outside of their home. They might do that so they can see better at night, to feel safer, or to discourage people from coming onto their property. No matter what reason you choose for outdoor lighting, floodlights can really brighten up an area. If you're doing something fun, like having a backyard party, these lights can be a great way to bring plenty of brightness to the yard so everyone can see more clearly.

A Stroll Through Our Garden Lighting

We’ve got plenty of sun and long, warm summers, so it makes perfect sense to invest in our gardens and outdoor living spaces. After dark, why go indoors when the fantastic garden lighting at Lighting ... Read More

A Pool party after dark

Taking The Party Outside One of the best parts of living in Australia is the al fresco lifestyle we all enjoy. We love to entertain in the garden, making the most of the weather and the space we are ... Read More

Attractive Outdoor Lighting

Keeping the evening going We all love to live outdoors as much as possible in warm, dry weather, but it’s a shame to cut the evening short when it starts to get dark. Candles are romantic, but if you... Read More

Solar Powered Exterior Spotlights - Brilliant!

Exterior solar lights used to be seen by some as “a trend that won’t last”, but skyrocketing energy prices and renewed interest in more ecologically sound lights have spurred companies to bring new, w... Read More