Ceiling Fans

DC and AC Ceiling Fans Explained

Ever wondered where the inspiration for the name of Australian Rock Band AC/DC came from? Well, wonder no more! Here we explain the differences between DC and AC ceiling fans and which is the best ceiling fan for you!

What Size Should my Ceiling Fan Be?

Take the guesswork out of selecting a ceiling fan size with this easy guide!

IP Rating and You!

When you’re looking at exterior or bathroom products, you’re bound to come across the term IP and IP Rating but what does this mean for you? IP or Ingress Protection is the key to knowing where the product is warranted to be installed.

Does the number of ceiling fan blades make a difference?

Lighting Illusions sell a range of different fan options to suit your needs and tastes. What's the main difference a low and high amount of fan blades?

How Many Lights Do I Need Per Room?

The age old question, how many lights do I need per room. Click here for some insider advice on how much light you should have in your space.

Why Install a Ceiling Fan?

Saving 40% on your power bill never looked so COOL!

Stylish Fans - Taking a look at the trends this Summer

From modern to coastal cool, we take a look at some of the trends emerging in the world of ceiling fans.

Choosing an Outdoor Fan

Year-round beautiful weather is one of the perks of living in Queensland, and no-where do we love entertaining more than on the big back deck. Here are our tips for selecting the perfect ceiling fan for your entertainment area.

AC vs DC Ceiling Fans

Looking to find out the key differences between AC and DC ceiling fans? Read up on the new, sophisticated technology that brings with it a host of benefits.

Fans, winter and you - how to save energy

Everybody knows that ceiling fans help you feel cooler. Through a process called evaporation, the fans generate a breeze that facilitate evaporation, which cools the body. What everybody doesn’t know is that ceiling fans can be used in much the same way as you use them in summer, but in this case, they help facilitate heating in the room.