Getting That Creative, Contemporary Look

Jazzing it up

More and more these days, people are putting a lot of effort into making their homes look as good as possible, but there’s always that moment where you come into your sitting room or bedroom and think to yourself, “This room looks tired. It looks the way I feel after a sleepless night.” We’ve all been there. Why not seize the chance to make some changes that will give your space a cool new look?

Keeping it light

Of course, as a lighting designer, when I’m making over a room or a whole house, the first thing I think of is the light fittings. If you want to freshen up your living area, a light with a bold shade is a good place to start. The Liberty 60 Pendant with Silk Ribbon would give any room a lift, and it would look great against white walls, with maybe a bolder colour on one of the walls. Add some pattern and texture with rich fabrics and you’ve got a whole new style for your room.

The Virgo Bamboo Light works in either a bedroom or a living room, and is best set off with brown leather seating and perhaps some animal prints as accents.

Something’s cooking

Telbix Tate Black Pendant Light

Many of us spend hours every day in the kitchen, so it makes sense to have a room that’s a pleasure to be in. If you have your dining area in the kitchen, then it’s even more important to make it look good for your family and guests. Stainless steel is an on-trend style for the kitchen, as are plain white units. To go with both styles, the Tate Pendant light comes in a glossy black, red or white finish, and would look perfect either over your work space or over your dining table.

A softer touch

Telbix Giani Red Table Light

When you’re relaxing in the evening with a book or film, or just talking with friends and family, it’s time to dim the lights. Lamps are the ideal way to create a peaceful atmosphere, and they can really change the whole feel of a room. The Giani Tripod Table Lamp looks to me like the perfect light for a movie buff’s room. It comes in black, white or red, and I can see it in a simple but striking room with a black sofa, a red rug on the floor and pale grey walls.

Notes from abroad

Eglo Shuko Floor LightMercator Ciara Table Lamp

Taking your inspiration from overseas is one way to get creative in your living space. For a Japanese twist, start with the Eglo Shuko Floor Light, which can be used indoors and outdoors. Add some traditional Japanese cotton cushions and a wall hanging to get the style just right. Indian block print fabric is also a very contemporary look, and I think the Ciara Chrome Table Lamp goes really nicely with it. You don’t have to break the bank to get that fresh new style; some new lights, a lick of paint and some funky fabrics can give your favourite room a totally new lease of life.