The beauty of coloured glass

Coloured glass is a long-popular decorating element that looks beautiful when it’s illuminated. While coloured glass light fixtures look good as accents, they can also add to the ambiance of a space by projecting coloured light at the walls, floor and ceiling. It’s not just illumination; it’s art.

Eglo Acento Pendant Light

Stained Glass and Glass Beads

Until around a hundred years ago, we didn’t know how to manufacture perfect-looking glass sheets. In fact, we didn’t even know how to make imperfect glass sheets that were big enough for a large window. That’s one reason why mullions — the frames that separate window panes — were so universal. Craftspeople turned this limitation into a opportunity for creativity and made beautiful windows and shades out of relatively small pieces of glass. Think of the stained glass windows in churches and the leaded glass windows in old houses.

Jewel Diy Beaded Shade

In modern times, this tradition has continued with art glass shades and light fixtures. Our Jewel DIY Beaded Shade is a good example. It filters light through purple glass beads and can replace the boring shade on the table tamp in your bedroom or living room. The Dove DIY CTC Batten Fix does the same for a plain ceiling light; it’s a pretty, bohemian-looking glass bead drop ceiling fixture that can give a small room a touch of luxury. Another glass light fixture that takes its cue from antique coloured glass is the Eglo Diego Multi Chip Table Lamp, which has a glass mosaic shade and will throw specks of light in interesting patterns around the room. Any of these would give a plain room a little bit of an old fashioned, luxurious feel.

Mercator Dove DIY Ceiling LightEglo Diego Table Lamp

Modern Colour

Of course, in modern times, we can make glass into any shape that we want. Though coloured glass is often included in the design of modern-style lights, it is used to draw attention to interesting shapes, to highlight a double-shade or to add interest to a decorative fixture.

Telbix Bolle Orange Pendant Light

The Bolle Glass Cylinder Pendant is an example of a modern light that uses coloured glass to great advantage. Its double shade design, with a coloured shade on the inside and a clear, cylindrical exterior shade, looks cutting edge and architectural. The Eglo Acento Opal Iridescent Glass Cup Pendant Light has a similar design, and it is also a very striking choice. It uses gradated colour to create a sophisticated impression, and it’s currently one of our favourite hanging fixtures. The Tomax Small Pendant with Black Lines is a third coloured glass hanging fixture. It has an art glass look that would go well in a house with Arts and Crafts roots or in a cozy, creative modern home.

Tomax Pendant Light

if you’re interested in bringing the beauty of coloured glass into your home, then click the links to find out what colours these light fixtures are available in. We stock many of them in multiple shades. With all of these choices, Lighting Illusions can supply you with a coloured glass light that will coordinate well with any type of home and any style of decorating.