Why exhaust fans matter – and how to do it right

Houses today are designed or adapted to keep the elements out; windows are fitted to be draught-free and insulation keeps the heat in during colder weather, saving money and energy at the same time. That’s great for most rooms in the house, but when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, there’s one big problem: moisture. You probably find it annoying if your bathroom mirror is fogged up after a shower and you’re trying to get ready, but steamed-up mirrors and windows are signs of deeper problems in your home. 
Moisture problems
Unless you’re doing something to get that moisture out, it will collect on the walls and ceiling and eventually cause a build-up of mould and mildew. Your woodwork will swell and start to rot, and paint and wallpaper will, in time, peel from your walls. The moisture will even get behind tiles and begin to loosen them. 
Have you ever noticed white, chalky stains on the exterior walls of brick or stone buildings? That’s what we call efflorescence, and it can occur when there has been severe condensation indoors, in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. The moisture pushes through the interior wall and out through the exterior, leaving chalky deposits that can eventually damage the wall. Moisture can cause even greater problems when it gets trapped in timber framed walls, with potentially toxic mould a distinct possibility. So, every homeowner with any sense makes sure that moisture in these key areas is tackled promptly and efficiently.
Fantastic solutions
Some people think the answer is just to open a window, but that doesn’t provide quite enough air circulation to solve the problem, and it’s not always convenient to have a bathroom or kitchen window open for reasons of comfort, privacy or climate control. That’s why you need exhaust fans for the damp areas of your house. 
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On cold mornings, when you’re reluctant to get undressed for your shower, you’ll be glad you installed one of our 3-in-1 fans, which also provide heat and light. Try the White Profile Plus 4 Heat Bathroom Exhaust Fan and you’ll never look back. Featuring LED globes, this high-extraction fan matches great design with the latest lighting technology.