Ceiling & Wall Lighting

How Many Lights Do I Need Per Room?

The age old question, how many lights do I need per room. Click here for some insider advice on how much light you should have in your space.

Lighting your home: What you need to know

Looking to create a flattering glow yet still have enough wattage to see what you’re doing? This speedy lesson in lamps, fixtures, and bulbs (plus some room-by-room tips) will illuminate the way.

5 tips to perfect your lighting

Indoor lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home’s design.  It can set a mood and improve the functionality of your living spaces while adding beauty to your home.

4 ways to improve airflow in your home

Has one room in your home ever felt warmer or colder than another and you didn’t understand why? Your home needs fresh air to be a comfortable environment, but unlike your car, you can’t roll the windows down and put it in drive.

Get your lighting right from the start

Considering where your lights will go, or even what sort of lighting you want to use, may seem to be a long way into the future if you are just starting out on building a new home or undertaking a mass renovation, but it’s actually the perfect time to start planning that final look.

How to properly light a room

Proper lighting is essential for any home. Without it, there would be no colour and when there isn’t enough, it dampens the energy of a room and can literally bring you down.

Four tips for Interior Lighting

Add to the overall design of a space by mixing it up with both floor and table lighting. Multiple light sources can enhance a room's ambience and mood, while a tall floor lamp teamed with table lamps ... Read More

Oyster lights with style

If you're looking for a great choice in oyster lights and you want them to have plenty of style, we have great options for you. Your choice of lighting says a lot about your home and your personal tastes, so you want to get lights that work for you and that are also going to be pleasing to you and your visitors for years to come. Oyster lights are great choices, because they are generally very simple but yet you can get some that have designs on them, as well as choosing different shapes that might work better in your space.

What’s So Special About Atom Lighting?

From time to time, we like to tell you a little bit about our superb suppliers, and one of the brightest new stars on the scene is Atom Lighting. Founded in Queensland, they have expanded rapidly over... Read More

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Choosing the lighting for your home is always fun, and in some of your rooms, all you really have to think about is how it will look; you can choose fixtures that you love and the level of brightness ... Read More