Fans, winter and you - how to save energy

Everybody knows that ceiling fans help you feel cooler. Through a process called evaporation, the fans generate a breeze that facilitate evaporation, which cools the body. What everybody doesn’t know is that ceiling fans can be used in much the same way as you use them in summer, but in this case, they help facilitate heating in the room.

Bedrooms and Pendant Lighting

Hanging a pendant light either side of your bed is a clever and efficient way to provide task or mood lighting in your bedroom (especially when space is at a premium).

What you need to know about LED lighting in your home

We all know that LEDs are way better for the environment than their incandescent forefathers. But that doesn’t mean you’ve been convinced to make the switch. If you’re still teetering on the fence between LED and incandescent, here are some things you need to know before switching to LED lighting.

7 lighting mistakes you don’t want to make

Renovating, redecorating or indeed building – all exciting projects. But there’s lots to go wrong, so take these tips from us when it comes to lighting your dream home.

6 hot lighting trends for 2018

Look into the interior design crystal ball with these 6 hot trends in lighting for 2018

8 things to consider when working out your reno

Any renovation, big or small, has at least one thing in common – it needs to be planned right to achieve the results you want

Bring your reno to life

The trend in Australia toward renovating homes has exploded in recent years. Driven on by the huge popularity of home renovation shows on TV, the economics of remodelling an existing dwelling plus the sheer sense of achievement of making a home truly your own are just some of the reasons Aussie are in love with the reno.

5 home decorating mistakes you need to avoid

Beware! There are pitfalls at every turn when it comes to decorating your home. But fear not, here at Lighting Illusions, we’ve got your back.

Fresh Ideas For DIY Strip Lighting

Working at a lighting shop has never been more exciting; brand-new lighting technology is now coming into our homes in ever more innovative ways.  Everyone’s really getting into LED lighting now; fro... Read More

Have You Seen Our Selection of Kids' Lamps?

Mini Makeover Bringing up a family seems to get more expensive every year, and most parents have to work hard to keep the bills down, so when it comes to kids’ rooms, I find my customers usually keep... Read More