LED Lighting

5 ways to use LEDs to reinvent your living spaces

LED lighting is on trend right now - and with good reason.

How to properly light a room

Proper lighting is essential for any home. Without it, there would be no colour and when there isn’t enough, it dampens the energy of a room and can literally bring you down.

LED Exterior Floodlights: A great option for saving money

A lot of people put floodlights up on the outside of their home. They might do that so they can see better at night, to feel safer, or to discourage people from coming onto their property. No matter what reason you choose for outdoor lighting, floodlights can really brighten up an area. If you're doing something fun, like having a backyard party, these lights can be a great way to bring plenty of brightness to the yard so everyone can see more clearly.

It’s Time To Consider Switching Your Business Over to LEDs

The lighting industry is an exciting place to work right now, with new developments happening all the time. I’m proud to say this industry is playing a huge part in our planet’s future, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage with the advent of affordable, practical, full spectrum LED lighting.

From Incandescent to LED: Massive Carbon Savings

When Thomas Edison brought the first practical incandescent light globe to our homes over 100 years ago, the world was rightly amazed by this cutting-edge technology. And although some people were nervous about electricity in the home and preferred gaslight or candle light, it was clear from the start that electric light was here to stay.

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Fixtures That Play Nicely With Exposed LEDs

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Principles For Lighting Prints and Paintings

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