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How Smart Technology Can Improve Your Home

Ever experienced the sheer dread of realizing you left your hair straightener on after a busy morning routine? Ever experienced the joyful relief of being able to turn your straightener off from wherever you are located, from the convenience of your smartphone? Thanks to 20th-century technology we’re now able to customize our home routines to suit exactly what we want and need. Ultimate comfort at minimal cost!

How Many Lights Do I Need Per Room?

The age old question, how many lights do I need per room. Click here for some insider advice on how much light you should have in your space.

Breaking News: Blue LED Inventors Win Nobel Prize!

Leading Lights When I tell people I run a lighting store, they sometimes think my work is all about helping clients choose fixtures and shades for their homes and businesses. But, let me tell you, ... Read More

Potato Lights: the Next Big Thing?

At Lighting Illusions, you’ll find an amazing range of lighting, and we love to bring you the latest in design to suit every interior. But it’s not all about looks; we also care about finding ways to ... Read More

Health Effects of Electric Shock

Since we talked a little about Safety Tips For DIY Wiring last week, this week we’ll discuss what can happen if you do the wiring yourself and make a mistake: electric shock. Many people every year re... Read More