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Why use sconces?

What are sconces? It may not the first kind of light fixture that springs to your mind when you’re planning how to make over your home, but I’ve got a real soft spot for sconces. Sconces are lights t... Read More

Is “Modern" Old Fashioned?

Is “modern" old fashioned? Both yes and no. Modern doesn’t just mean current. It also refers to a decorating and architectural style that dates back to the 1920s and was popular throughout the twentie... Read More

Lighting For Creatures of the Night

It seems as if everyone wants to be a vampire these days. Maybe it all started with the US cult hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the 1990s. Now, there are the Twilight films and the more adult US ser... Read More

Gatsby's Light Fixtures

If you were impressed by the set design from the latest Hollywood incarnation of The Great Gatsby, you’re not alone. Australia’s Catherine Martin won an Oscar for her costume design and set designer B... Read More

Solar Powered Exterior Spotlights - Brilliant!

Exterior solar lights used to be seen by some as “a trend that won’t last”, but skyrocketing energy prices and renewed interest in more ecologically sound lights have spurred companies to bring new, w... Read More

Crystal Lighting - What it Says Today

When I think of crystal chandeliers, sconces and other cut-crystal lighting, I immediately think “whoa that’s a bit fancy schmancy”. What comes to mind next though is that this place is classy. The ap... Read More

Track Lighting for Emphasis

Right now, our selection of track lighting is growing but I still want to talk a little bit about track spotlights. They’re a great lighting concept that has fallen out of fashion for no good reason. ... Read More

LED Lighting

LED lighting has a retrofit option available for pretty much any lighting application.  You can use them in strip lighting, lamps, downlights, exterior lighting and you can even have LED lighting that... Read More

Making the Switch to LED

In the coming years, incandescent and CFL (compact fluorescent lights) globes are going to be difficult to find at many stores, with consumers being heavily encouraged to switch to LED bulbs as a more... Read More

Advantages of LED Lighting

LEDs have a great many advantages over traditional lighting, including: They Last Longer LED lights will save you money since they last longer. Most users love the fact that they rarely have to pu... Read More