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LED Lighting

LED lighting has a retrofit option available for pretty much any lighting application.  You can use them in strip lighting, lamps, downlights, exterior lighting and you can even have LED lighting that... Read More

Making the Switch to LED

In the coming years, incandescent and CFL (compact fluorescent lights) globes are going to be difficult to find at many stores, with consumers being heavily encouraged to switch to LED bulbs as a more... Read More

Advantages of LED Lighting

LEDs have a great many advantages over traditional lighting, including: They Last Longer LED lights will save you money since they last longer. Most users love the fact that they rarely have to pu... Read More

Vento Fans Now Available at Lighting Illusions

Vento Fans launch their range of ceiling fans in Australia

DIY Lighting

Illuminate and accentuate your homes with stylish and elegant DIY lighting fixtures from Lighting Illusions. Our high quality energy efficient lighting systems provide you superb brightness and mood that can highlight certain objects in a room and can als

LED Lighting for a Greener Option

Nowadays, more and more people prefer using LED lighting system for their homes and offices. With its new innovations, LED lights provide you with a myriads of benefits and functions that can accommodate your need for a better lighting solution.

8 Tips for Landscape Exterior Lighting

Bring brightness and welcoming ambience to your homes with superb exterior lighting products from Lighting Illusions. Exterior lights such as deck and inground lights, wall and pillar lights as well as sensor lights can illuminate paths and walkways, driv

Hunter Ceiling Fans

Hunter ceiling fans are known worldwide for creating durable, high quality and artfully crafted ceiling fans. Continue reading for an overview on Hunter ceiling fans.

Energy Efficient Lighting Tips

With the growing concern for our environment, nowadays, energy efficiency has been given more emphasis in homes and offices. Lighting Illusions have some tips to help you save $$$.

Martec Ceiling Fans

Lighting Illusions Martec ceiling fans range provides you many options with both quality and design. Continue reading for an overview on Martec ceiling fans.