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Let the natural beauty of wood shine through

Wood can be a beautiful accent to just about any room. Unfortunately, most people don't think about all the unique ways that wood can be used in their space. One of those ways is through wood lighting fixtures. While it's not the most common use for wood, the idea of adding it to lighting fixtures is not new. In recent years, though, lighting has come a long way, and wood is making a comeback where the fixtures are concerned.

It’s Time To Consider Switching Your Business Over to LEDs

The lighting industry is an exciting place to work right now, with new developments happening all the time. I’m proud to say this industry is playing a huge part in our planet’s future, helping to reduce carbon emissions and energy usage with the advent of affordable, practical, full spectrum LED lighting.

Trinidad Ceiling Fan from Mercator Lighting

The Trinidad ceiling fan is in a class of it's own. It will add style and a WOW factor to any room of the house.

From Incandescent to LED: Massive Carbon Savings

When Thomas Edison brought the first practical incandescent light globe to our homes over 100 years ago, the world was rightly amazed by this cutting-edge technology. And although some people were nervous about electricity in the home and preferred gaslight or candle light, it was clear from the start that electric light was here to stay.

What’s So Special About Atom Lighting?

From time to time, we like to tell you a little bit about our superb suppliers, and one of the brightest new stars on the scene is Atom Lighting. Founded in Queensland, they have expanded rapidly over... Read More

A Stroll Through Our Garden Lighting

We’ve got plenty of sun and long, warm summers, so it makes perfect sense to invest in our gardens and outdoor living spaces. After dark, why go indoors when the fantastic garden lighting at Lighting ... Read More

All About Carbon Filament Bulbs

With every light we want available at the flick of a switch these days, it’s almost impossible to imagine the trials and tribulations nineteenth century inventors went through to bring us the first pr... Read More

Decorating With Copper Fixtures

It’s part of my job to keep up with design trends from around the world, and I get quite a few ideas from boutique hotels and cool new restaurants at home and overseas. And even when I visit clients a... Read More

Fixtures That Play Nicely With Exposed LEDs

I often hear people say they’d love to give a tired room a makeover, but that they just don’t have the funds or the energy. We all know what it’s like—your heart sinks as you walk in the door of the r... Read More

Copper: Today’s Most Stylish Metal

As a lighting specialist, new technology is at the heart of what I do, and I also make it my business to keep ahead of international trends in interior décor. Every year, there are new and exciting co... Read More