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It’s Far Past Time To Get Rid of Your Incandescents

As far back as 2007, the Australian government introduced minimum energy performance standards for lighting products. From 2008 on, no non-compliant lighting was allowed to be imported into our countr... Read More

Organic Materials in Modern Lighting

Sometimes it seems to me that the more technology advances, the closer some of my clients want to get to nature when it comes to choosing their interior design. While our grandparents were delighted w... Read More

Discount Ceiling Fans at Our Hunter Pacific Mega-Clearance

Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer There’s no denying it – summer is here and as temperatures go through the roof, everyone is taking to the outdoors to enjoy our glorious climate, envied throughout th... Read More

Have You Seen the New LED Filament Bulbs?

City Lights In my work advising on lighting design for homes around the country, I’ve noticed that increasingly, my clients are looking for a subtle slice of industrial chic. A style that started off... Read More

Bathroom Lighting Tips

Choosing the lighting for your home is always fun, and in some of your rooms, all you really have to think about is how it will look; you can choose fixtures that you love and the level of brightness ... Read More

Fresh Ideas For DIY Strip Lighting

Working at a lighting shop has never been more exciting; brand-new lighting technology is now coming into our homes in ever more innovative ways.  Everyone’s really getting into LED lighting now; fro... Read More

Have You Seen Our Selection of Kids' Lamps?

Mini Makeover Bringing up a family seems to get more expensive every year, and most parents have to work hard to keep the bills down, so when it comes to kids’ rooms, I find my customers usually keep... Read More

Why Exhaust Fans are Important

Houses today are designed or adapted to keep the elements out; windows are fitted to be draught-free and insulation keeps the heat in during colder weather, saving money and energy at the same time. T... Read More

Breaking News: Blue LED Inventors Win Nobel Prize!

Leading Lights When I tell people I run a lighting store, they sometimes think my work is all about helping clients choose fixtures and shades for their homes and businesses. But, let me tell you, ... Read More

Touch Lamps: Practically Perfect

We all know how it feels when you’re drifting off to sleep, your tablet dropping from your hand… but you need to switch your bedside lamp off. By the time you’ve fiddled around looking for the switch,... Read More