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Essentials for your bedside table

Sweet Dreams Twenty-first century life is anything but dull, and as each year goes by, we have more and more opportunities for communication and entertainment. But, the one thing a lot of people miss... Read More

A Pool party after dark

Taking The Party Outside One of the best parts of living in Australia is the al fresco lifestyle we all enjoy. We love to entertain in the garden, making the most of the weather and the space we are ... Read More

How Do We Measure Light?

When you’re choosing the right light globes for your home, you’re probably accustomed to looking at the wattage; you might choose a 60 or 100 watt globe when you need bright light, and 40 watts for wh... Read More

The beauty of coloured glass

Coloured glass is a long-popular decorating element that looks beautiful when it’s illuminated. While coloured glass light fixtures look good as accents, they can also add to the ambiance of a space b... Read More

Getting That Creative, Contemporary Look

Jazzing it up More and more these days, people are putting a lot of effort into making their homes look as good as possible, but there’s always that moment where you come into your sitting room or be... Read More

Beautiful Dining Room Ceiling Fixtures

Many people nowadays live in an open-plan home; the living, eating, entertainment and cooking areas all flow together, with no walls to separate them. But there is always a dining area, and it’s a spa... Read More

Ageing and your changing lighting needs

As Time Goes On Lots of things change as we get older, and the way our eyes work is no exception. Lights which were perfectly suitable for reading ten years ago might not be bright enough now. When... Read More

Health Effects of Electric Shock

Since we talked a little about Safety Tips For DIY Wiring last week, this week we’ll discuss what can happen if you do the wiring yourself and make a mistake: electric shock. Many people every year re... Read More

Which High-Efficiency, Low-Energy Bulbs Should You Buy?

Australia has gradually been phasing out incandescent bulbs, and consumers now have a choice between CFL and LED bulbs. The new terminology surrounding these bulbs can be quite confusing, and it's som... Read More

Attractive Outdoor Lighting

Keeping the evening going We all love to live outdoors as much as possible in warm, dry weather, but it’s a shame to cut the evening short when it starts to get dark. Candles are romantic, but if you... Read More